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 Find perfume that would fit your personality and lifestyle is not easy. Ideally, the fragrance should be in harmony with the mood and feeling, to display your personal qualities, to declare your presence. It is assumed that people of the same sign of the zodiac have similar psychological characteristics. And, based on the knowledge of these qualities of character, we can assume what scents can touch a chord of certain people. JustLady help you choose the fragrance that matches your zodiac sign zodiac sign if people close to you.  

Each sign of the zodiac, we offer a selection of ten perfumes. Of course, this does not mean that each of these flavors will have to court, or that these fragrances may not like other signs - such rules do not exist. But a couple - three flavors necessarily get to the point and will be a good addition to your image!


Aries - Active person who despise stagnation. They - the new discoverers, adventurers, bright and feverish activity. Aries like to be informed of new products perfumes, they are unlikely to attract the flavors of the past and vintage (and it is in vain!).

They can go to the perfume and cosmetic shop to buy a lipstick and come out of it with a couple-three vials. Aries suitable perfumes, pushed for activity causes blood in his veins run faster, emphasizing the nature magnetism.

Instinctively, many Aries choose a fragrance with a dominant note of musk in various combinations. By the way, musk - a substance secreted by animals to attract individuals of the opposite sex, so no wonder it was like Aries.

This component is included in most Oriental (Eastern) flavors. They could not be better emphasize the dynamism of the nature of the sign of the fire element.

Fragrances for Aries:

Boudoir (Vivienne Westwood), Noa (Cacharel), Narciso Rodriguez (Narciso Rodriguez), Bois et Musc (Serge Lutens), Musc Ravageur (Frederic Malle), 212 (Carolina Herrera), 24 Faubourg Eau Delicate (Hermes), White Musk ( The Body Shop), A la Nuit (Serge Lutens), Etro Musk (Etro).


TaurusDespite a well-developed sense of beauty, everything else are great owners. And if they meet on their way to a truly beautiful thing, make sure you want it to have.

Choosing perfume, Taurus will evaluate not only the flavor, but also decorate the vial because it should please the eye with their appearance and beautiful fit into the design house of Taurus.

Beauty and luxury Taurus attract like a magnet, including perfumes. And what could be better aromas of exotic flowers? Taurus touches a chord note of patchouli - a powerful sensual stimulant, especially in combination with ylang-ylang, lily, cardamom, fruit base.

Flower Group perfumes like aesthetes-Taurus in particular, because it flowers can create a calf as their favorite colorful aesthetic sense of the world.

Scents for Taurus:

Angel The Lily (Thierry Mugler), Patchouli Leaves (Montale), Patchouli Patch (L'Artisan Parfumeur), Magic Patchouli (New Dawn), Aki (Tann Rokka), Desir de Rochas Femme (Rochas), Jungle L'elephant (Kenzo parfums), Magical Moon (Hanae Mori), Midnight Poison (Christian Dior), Wish (Chopard).


Gemini - Versatile nature, alien to them predilection for luxury and glamor, pathos and snobbery. Playful, cheerful, sociable twins so require changes in all that they hear from the phrase: "This is my perfume! "Simply unrealistic.

The twins should be a lot of different vials, and change the flavors of the people of this sign may be several times a day - In accordance with changeable mood.

The store Gemini may long to rush between multiple flavors, but in the end get away with anything, or, after an hour of painful deliberation, chose a completely different perfume.

Gemini peculiar changes of opinions and attitudes, tastes and preferences.They love perfume with notes of jasmine, bergamot and lemon, which can easily be found in citrus aromas category. We should also look at the fern fragrance, based on - the substance coumarin, resembling the smell of new-mown hay his.

Scents for the Twins:
Kingdom (Alexander McQueen), Bvlgari Voile de Jasmin (Bvlgari Parfums), Libertine (Vivienne Westwood) Etro Relent (Etro), Lemon Sorbet (Etro), CK be (Calvin Klein), Beautiful (Estee Lauder), Cheap & Chic I Love Love (Moschino), Fidji (Guy Laroche), La Chasse Aux Papillons (L'Artisan Parfumeur).


Crayfish - A very sensitive and emotional sign. A good friend, he will never leave a person in need. Cancer is different mind, loves literature and intellectual tasks more difficult.

Therefore, the perfume for Cancer should be a real literary work that can be "read" and "solve" discovering note by note.

In the perfume shop cancer will come back many times, splashing favorite perfume on her wrist again and again until you make the final choice.On the search for a suitable perfume in Cancer may take several months.

In addition, energy Cancers need to feel protected, hidden from the outside world strong "walls", within which there is a caring, comfort and convenience. That Is Whythey are most suitable perfumes with the dominant note of sandalwood.

Perhaps, surrounded by roses, jasmine and musk. Your favorite perfume Cancer, likely will find a wood-oriental category.

Scents for Cancer:

Aromatics Elixir (Clinique), Benghal (Lancome), Jasmal (Creed), Mahora (Guerlain), Cristobal (Cristobal Balensiaga), Bora Bora (Liz Claiborne), Sandal Wood (Elizabeth Arden), Extraordinary (Avon), Intimately Beckham Women ( Beckham), Weekend (Burberry).


Lion - A strong, self-confident nature, capable to break any barriers in life. Lioness proud and independent, like a real queen, loves expensive things and luxury jewelry.

Trip to the store for Lionesses - a real show in which she - the star. It can be a long time to harass consultants, forcing her to respond to numerous requests and inquiries. Perhaps, in the end she did not buy it, but the feeling of guilt tormented consultant will not torture her.

Lioness at all doubt that in the world there perfume that can express its multifaceted nature.Her perfume should be noble and "expensive", not only on price but also on sounding flavor and contain in its composition the queen of flowers - rose.

It can be surrounded by jasmine, lavender, heliotrope, orange blossom, iris or a lily, royally "seated" on the basis of musk, sandalwood and cinnamon. Lioness certainly find "your perfume" in the floral-aldehyde family.

Scents for the Lion:

Angel Rose (Thierry Mugler), Aqua Allegoria Rosa Magnifica (Guerlain), Bvlgari Rose Essentielle (Bvlgari Parfums), Serge Lutens Sa Majeste la Rose (Serge Lutens), Stella Rose Absolute (Stella McCartney), Tuberose cologne (Jo Malone).


Virgo - The sign of a reliable, loyal to his loved ones. Loves all be analyzed and search logic. Very business zodiac sign, Virgo - real fans of their work.

Virgo will have to choose your perfume to go to different stores to compare prices and range, because most of all she does not like to mindlessly spend money earned daily work.

The choice of perfumes, like any other product or service for the Virgin - this activity, which must be treated in a meaningful way, so that spontaneous purchases - not for her!

Perfume Virgin must sound strictly elitist, business-like, but at the same time sexy. To meet these criteria, it must be present perfume amber, so the Virgin should look at the family of soft amber fragrance.

Scents for the Virgin:

Chanel № 5 Eau Premiere (Chanel), Chance (Chanel), Chanel Coco (Chanel), Covet (Sarah Jessica Parker), Fendi Theorema (Fendi), Serge Lutens Cuir Mauresque (Serge Lutens), Sung (Alfred Sung), Opium ( Yves Saint Laurent), LouLou (Cacharel), Oh La La (Azzaro).


Libra nature indecisive and hesitant, but at the same time, desperately seeking to balance. Perfume they choose as well - hesitantly. They generally can not imagine what flavors they fit.

Libra prefer to receive perfume as a gift, rather than buy themselves.Perfume for this mark shall give feelings and thoughts stability and harmony.

In addition, their aroma should be a kind of antidepressant that can help Libra transformed from the most miserable person in the world in the party queen, whose life - a real joy and eternal holiday.

For this purpose are ideal natural antidepressants: orange, mandarin, magnolia and mimosa, so Libra should pay close attention to the floral-citrus flavor group.

Fragrances for Libra:

Absolu (Rochas), 24, Faubourg (Hermes), Aqua Allegoria Orange Magnifica (Guerlain), Liberte (Cacharel), Mat Orange (Masaki Matsushima), Clinique Happy (Clinique), Christian Lacroix (Christian Lacroix), Mimosa Pour Moi (L 'Artisan Parfumeur), Mimosa (Molinard), Magnolia (L'Occitane).


Scorpio - The most secretive zodiac sign, he either really keeps some terrible secrets, or wants to make everyone else believe in his mystique and mystery.

In addition, it is the most sexy sign inclined to subordinate and dominate, it attracts the opposite sex like a magnet.

In choosing a flavor Scorpio primarily focused on what impression this smell will make on others -Scorpio fragrance should be some kind of message to the outside world: "Beware! I am a sexy, dangerous and ruthless ".

Scorpio cold-blooded and calculating in his perfume have to sound a note of determination and tragedy presented in the aura of sensuality.

Scorpio suit loud flavors, unique in its individuality expressed in oriental spices and vetiver. Woody-oriental fragrance and chypre will successfully shade mystical personality scorpion.

Scents for Scorpio:

Agent Provocateur (Agent Provocateur), Poison Hypnotic (Christian Dior), Organza Indecence (Givenchy), Magie Noire (Lancome), Etro Raving (Etro), Cinnabar (Estee Lauder), Le Baiser du Dragon (Cartier), Bandit (Robert Piguet ), Mitsouko (Guerlain), Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Toilette (Christian Dior).


Sagittarians kind, sincere, cheerful and optimistic. They love to philosophize and teach with them is always interesting. Energetic and dynamic Archers live for today, they seemed to run through life.

The store perfume Sagittarius will be difficult to make a choice, because they like a lot of perfume. There is also a large group of Archers, who are convinced that their perfumes do not touch, although they love to feel the pleasant aromas around.

Sagittarius fit "live" and juicy flavors, because they correspond to an active lifestyle Archer and his buoyant nature.

Perfume Sagittarius must exude a sense of joy and endless positive. Fruits, berries and flowers - notes that are most suited to this sign of the zodiac. Sagittarius wearing a fragrance of flowers and fruit category.

Scents for Sagittarius:

L'Eau du Temps (Nina Ricci), Celebration (Fendi), Escada Sport Spirit (Escada), Masaki / Masaki (Masaki Matsushima), Only (Givenchy), Spring Flower (Creed), Voile De Fleur (Tom Ford), Guess (Guess), DKNY Be Delicious (Donna Karan), Premier Jour Lucky Day (Nina Ricci).


Capricorn - The most serious sign of the zodiac. It looks closed and self-absorbed, but, in fact, in the heart of Capricorn is an active inner life: they are very ambitious and ambitious. Representatives of this sign are consistent in their judgments, they are almost impossible to get to change the point of view or to give up their words.

Despite the seeming coldness, Capricorns are very passionate, who are simply afraid to open up and be abandoned by a loved one.

Likely to come in Capricorn perfume shop with the intention to buy a certain perfume - perhaps he will even procured a list with the interesting name of the fragrance.

Capricorns fit floral bouquets or monozapahi emphasizing and reinforcing their sensualityFor example, using the notes of iris, neroli and ylang-ylang.

Scents for Capricorn:

Bois des Iles (Chanel), Hiris (Hermes), Iris Noir (Yves Rocher), Emotion (Laura Biagiotti), Fleurissimo (Creed), Gardenia (Isabey Paris), Jean Paul Gaultier (Jean Paul Gaultier), Ysatis Iris (Givenchy) , Donna (Fendi), Beyond Paradise Blue (Estee Lauder).


Aquarius - An independent, creative, resourceful and prone to originality sign. To be happy, Aquarius is required to realize their need to create, to express themselves, to implement their ideas, and in this endeavor they can not always be understood in simple layman. To wake the sleeping in the sign of the creator, Aquarius is necessary to provide complete freedom.

Aquarius likes to experiment with the smells he can easily master the art of mixing different flavors. This sign will suit aromas with notes of ginger, citrus, cardamom and green tea, bestowing inspiration and can help Aquarius feel their strength and independence.

Also pay attention to the so-called "green" flavors that represent the fact that due to the sense of freedom: greens, endless meadows, clean air.

Scents for Aquarius:

Anglomania (Vivienne Westwood), Gucci Eau de Parfum (Gucci parfums), Angel Schlesser (Angel Schlesser), Aqua Allegoria Mentafollia (Guerlain), O-Zone (Sergio Tacchini), Tea for Two (L'Artisan Parfumeur), Kenzo Ki Ginger Flower (Kenzo parfums), Be 21 (Orlane), Vent vert (Balmain), Alliage (Estee Lauder).


Sensitive and susceptibleFish thin feel other people's emotions, sharing as much as if it were their own experiences. Fish - the open nature, they are loyal to many things, but to make serious decisions in life sometimes it is very difficult.

They - one of those natures which can sacrifice themselves in the name of love.Amazing intuition, the tendency to religious mysticism - is what distinguishes from other Pisces zodiac signs.

In fish shop will move from stand to stand, trying all sorts of unfamiliar scents until the skin just no more space.

As a result, they will smell explosive mixture of fragrances that will lead them to the indescribable delight.Fish suitable flavors corresponding element of the mark - the water, as well as those which include lotus note - Eastern symbol of spirituality, purity and femininity. The fish should look to the water category fragrances.

Scents for Pisces:

Chance Eau Fraiche (Chanel), Eau de Cartier (Cartier parfums), L'eau D'Issey (Issey Miyake), Cool Water Woman Frozen Fragrance (Davidoff), Blue (Ralph Lauren), Dune Sun (Christian Dior), Un Jardin sur le Nil (Hermes), Midsummer Woman (Marc O'Polo), KenzoKI White Lotus (Kenzo parfums), Mat (Masaki Matsushima).

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