Damage, evil eye amulets ... Believe it or not?

Damage, evil eye amulets ... Believe it or not?
 Gone are the days when magic was a part of life. People no longer believe not only in the fact that somewhere there is a country of giants, but also in the fact that a person can be influenced by means of witchcraft. However, some do not hurry to part with the remnants of the past, relying on superstitions no less than scientific data.

Guidance damage, charms, evil eye ... From all this breathes some implausible, charlatanism. Indeed, how can you explain the fact that an ordinary piece of wood or stone can attract luck and wealth, and the evil eye of some strange old woman - to cause disease and death?

However, not all so simple. There are many cases when referring to a psychic, people achieve their goals, solve problems. This does not mean that magic exists: it is possible to explain the effectiveness of services "witches" in that they are familiar with the laws of psychology, know how to help a person.

Root of all evil lies in the human psyche. If the internal problems will be eliminated, then the outer life will improve. How does it look? A simple example: a person buys a gypsy amulet allegedly charged with positive energy. He believes in the miraculous power of little things, becomes more relaxed, no longer afraid of risk, and as a result - to achieve the desired.

The placebo effect is known to science for a long time. However, only whether it reason efficiency of psychics? Of course not. When communicating with a good psychologist, whom, no doubt, is every magician, a man becomes aware of the reason for its failure. On a subconscious level, its relation to the world is changing, as a result, so to speak, changed his relationship with the world.

However, one can not deny the possibility that the science does not know some things that could explain the mechanism of action of magic rituals on people. Maybe there are any links between people, allowing them to directly influence each other. But today it is only speculation, and everyone has the right to choose what to believe him. Magic and science, religion ... To each his own!

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