Vicious candy: cream of absinthe and holy water

 Soon, all of Europe will be covered completely with warm anticyclones, and people reach for ice cream. The infamous London ice cream shop Icecreamists, ready to pamper their customers another provocation.

Shock and frostbite - the main argument of the British company. As recently as last summer Icecreamists summer delicacy made from breast milk of women. Then the ice cream was called Baby Gaga and shocked the London public is not worse than the first video of the prototype - Lady Gaga.

This year, these ice-cream, no worse than our Pussy Riot, decided to wipe the sacred. For the new ice cream, they decided to mix rather unusual ingredients: Absinthe and holy water. The last component to heighten the blasphemy is not taken from somewhere, and from the holy spring of Lourdes in France. By the way, a very revered among the followers of the Catholic faith place.

The final nail in the heart of the Catholics, was not even given a name that ice cream Vice Lolly (which translates as "vicious candy"), and not that it is produced in the form of light green gun. Promotional video, filmed for this ice cream - that's the real gauntlet thrown clerics.

For obvious reasons, a vicious candy will not sell to minors, but Icecreamists ironically adds: "However, we are happy to sell this ice cream priests and nuns."