Paco Rabanne appoints new creative director

 The fashion house Paco Rabanne found a replacement for his recently fired creative director Manish Arora. Now he takes the post of Lydia Maurer, a girl with a serious creative ambition and great love for the cause of this brand.

After the release of two collections Manish Arora suddenly decided to break off relations with Paco Rabanne. The search takes a short time. A month later, management concluded that the director of the design studio, 27-year-old German woman Lydia Maurer is perfect for the vacant job. In the past, she was engaged in the creation of collections at Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent.

Maurer does not hide the excitement caused by his appointment to this honorable post, and says she has always admired the work of the maestro Rabanne and work in such a landmark fashion house for her - a great honor. "Monsieur Rabanne created his clothing as a means of expressing individuality of each woman. He invented a timeless, unique and sensual style inspired by art and architecture. This continuous creation of life, I would like to approach their work in this house, "- said about his future plans Lydia.

The first collection of the new creative director of Paco Rabanne will be seen this fall at the Paris Fashion Week.