Louboutin is suing Zara because of the red soles

 In the fashion world often tend to forget about professional ethics, which spoke last week Philip, skhlestnuvshis with Timothy. Most recently closed claim Gucci, filed for plagiarism at Gap. This weekend was resolved and the case in relation to Christian Louboutin brand Zara.

In 2011, when Zara sandals released quite reminiscent of the famous model Yo Yo above mentioned designer, he did not fail to get angry and come to court on this fact. In addition, the sole "fake" was red, and it is the main distinctive sign of shoes Christain Louboutin, on which brand and find buyers all over the world. "Color plays an important role in brand identity. I'm not saying that the red color should now belong to me for life. I'm talking about a particular shade of red in a particular place. Everyone knows that Ferrari red and Hermès - Orange "- complements the founder Christain Louboutin. Fake, as it called designer Zara cost just 49 euros (retail price of shoes) and has caused a stir among buyers, which resulted in the so-called unfair competition.

Louboutin is suing Zara because of the red soles

However, Zara did not see any resemblance with their sandals Louboutin sandals and even sued the trademark itself Christain Louboutin, considering the conditions of its registration overly vague.

First, the court ruled in favor of verdik Louboutin, but eventually Zara managed to appeal the decision and even get hold of some monetary compensation in the amount of £ 2,000 for the whole this is a scandal. In short, plagiarism in the court did not find.

Recall that now on a similar occasion Christian Louboutin is suing and Yves Saint Laurent.