Karl Lagerfeld will publish a book on the diaries of his kitten

 What would Lagerfeld no consoling myself - just not to cry. To his many fads now added another. Creative Director of Chanel now thinking about the publication of his memoirs kitten.

Shupett (so called little Siamese kitten Charles) - the animal is very spoiled. Takes Lagerfeld's favorite food or anywhere else, but at the dinner table together with the owner, because there on the floor she just did not like it, he argues Carl. At Sweetie (as translated from the French name the kitten) also have your iPad, night and day maid.

Karl Lagerfeld will publish a book on the diaries of his kitten

The duties of the latter part of keeping the cat magazine, in which the maids are required to write down everything that happens in Shupett day and night: how ate, slept like what mood remained fun and I play. These records have already stepped on one weighty volume of 600 pages, in connection with which Karl Lagerfeld says, "It would be funny as ever publish a book of my diary Shupett."

This spoiled luxury kitten appeared at Chanel Director at Christmas. Dzhabikoni Baptist (favorite model Lagerfeld) has decided to give a pet for the maintenance of only a couple of weeks, but Karl did not want to give Shupett back. He referred to the fact that "it was too cute kitty."

Photo: twitter Karl Lagerfeld