Being in the kitchen was not safe

 Scientists compared the composition of the air in the street and in the kitchens of the most ordinary flats and came to unexpected results. Toxins found in the kitchen, even more than on the busiest highway.

The reason for this phenomenon is the human love of plastic windows, well insulated room from the noise and air infiltration from the street. Thus the kitchen - a room, which is the main polluter plate - is transformed into a non-ventilated gas chamber.

The researchers set up an experiment, which involved three dishes: one with an electric stove in a country mansion, the second with the gas in the apartment next to the transport route and the third also with a gas stove in the heart of the city. Experience has shown that the toxic substances in two more recent than in the very first. Nitrogen dioxide produced by gas stoves, has become a major air polluter of these apartments. His figure exceeded the norm almost 3 times. This, in turn, contributes to a disease of the respiratory tract.

In addition, the researchers point out that the use of the owners of cleaning products and air fresheners in such kitchens only exacerbates an already grim picture.