Suitcases rating: girls take on a trip?

 Have you ever noticed when some girls on the size of luggage at the airport? It would seem that a trip for a week, and the weight of the suitcase may exceed all acceptable norms. Many such a situation is very familiar. Portal decided this thoroughly understand and interviewed 2,000 women about what and how much they take with them on the trip.

The results showed that the need to change 4 times a day in order to have time for the whole trip to vilify all the things that women on average take with them. Bernadette Lasher researcher believes that the number of holiday events and meetings is significantly higher than in everyday life, so women tend to take more precaution things.

20% of women admitted that they travel dress up more often than necessary, since have brought too many things, and most of the remainder (80%) said that the trip they did not manage to use all their belongings. In this case, 37% prefer to appear in new places every time a new outfit and only 10% of girls reported that dress up to 7 times a day.
Also, the survey results enabled the preliminary list of things for the trip. Usually limited wardrobe 2 pairs of trousers, 4 pairs of shorts or skirts, 6 tops, blouses or shirts, 3 pairs of flip-flops or slap, 3 and 4 swimwear dresses. Also, often traveling women buy yourself something extra while shopping that stretches the list for a few things.