Once in a dress: short film debut Dasha Zhukova

 Prada all and complaining about shooting yourself all sorts of movies. Clothing of this brand, already having been on starring in Roman Polanski, has now become the main subject in the short film debut of the owner of "Garage" Daria Zhukova.

Try yourself as a filmmaker wife of one of the most famous Russian oligarchs decided not just. The fact that the team is satisfied with SHOWstudio exhibition Selling Sex, the theme of which were all kinds of fetishes. It was she who asked Dasha make a short film about one of the trendy objects of desire of every girl, to whom was pleated dress and Prada.

In the short film Zhukova participated Chloë Sevigny and Derek Blasberg, they were given a major role. Chloe has played a notorious girl who deep down dreams of a beautiful dress and reveal all its fatal nature before overconfident Blasbergom. They became outfit from Prada spring-summer collection in the style of 20-ies of the last century. "Dresses - that's what it consists of dreams! "- Reads the slogan of this short film.