Easy way to force yourself to read

 Manuscripts do not burn. But they disappear, if they do not read. This principle guided the Argentine publisher, published a book that literally forced myself to read.

Technology with a marvelous name "El Libro que no ruede esperar", which means "book, which can not wait", was developed in the homeland of Julio Cortazar. Its task is not simply to popularize long-forgotten works, but also the promotion of young writers. As explained in the publishing of the book may lie unread for years, but it can not afford to novice writers. After having read the first work of a writer, you do not buy it next.

The essence of this cunning technology is simple. The book is sold in sealed packaging. Once it is opened, the pages will trigger "time bomb" that destroys all the text on paper, for 4 months. All the matter is complicated ink that and printed book. Under the influence of light and air substance begins to disappear forever. Therefore, not to be the owner of the net notebook, have to read the book for its designated shelf life.