Birthdays colleagues and boredom at work lead to severe obesity

 Does your colleague's birthday today, and she brought the tradition of cake. Well then refuse the tasty piece! Moreover, even if the cake without birthday, it is at work on it for some reason, the most difficult to refuse. That's because there are those extra pounds.

Scientists have discovered that a seductive piece of cake or a pound of crispy cookies appear to work at a time when a person is boring. And to seize idleness or apathy by a workflow often occurs in the office of a high-calorie snack. According to a survey, 42% of respondents said the appearance of excess weight due edible pyatiminutok middle of the day. All of them noted that ate only out of boredom, thus trying to have fun. Another 30% said that without kusochnichestva feel devastated.

What is most interesting, most of all so not very rewarding pastime men suffer. And only 17% of women admitted that they can not help if the workplace appears before them appetizing piece of the pie. But, in spite of women's resistance, it is a predisposition to obesity in women more than men, which affects the shape of extra cookies at work more visible. Such lovers quick snack for the year can accumulate about 6 extra pounds.