Alec Baldwin married yoga instructor

 While some movie stars are actively rushed into the abyss of divorce, grieving crowd pleasing a rare friend's wedding. Thus, it became known that this Saturday married Alec Baldwin. Itself in a couple of girl he chose not of celebrities.

July 30 at St. Patrick's Cathedral, in New York, the knot famous Hollywood actor tied the 28-year-old yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas. The couple met last summer, and it was quite unusual. Walking past the restaurant, next to which was Hilaria with your friends, Baldwin approached the girl, suddenly said something like "I have to get to know you," and handed Thomas stunned card. That long hesitated to use the card, but curiosity got the upper hand over it, which resulted in their rough correspondence tweeted. By the way, the first photo Suite, or rather their rings, it appeared in their microblogs.

At the wedding ceremony was attended only by the closest people, including Baldwin and daughter from his marriage to Kim Basinger. It is also reported that the newly formed Alec's wife took her husband's name and is now asking to call her only as Hilaria Baldwin.