Scientists have figured out how to speed up metabolism

 Scientists at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore conducted a study in which were found artificial methods speed up metabolism, and they were quite simple: the right breakfast, water and muscle mass.

Approximately 65-75% of caloric intake is spent on "background" sustenance of our body - if we do not spend a lot of energy, sleeping, sitting, etc. In this case, up to 10% kalogy go to the digestive process, and a sport that requires up to 30% of calories (450g muscle can burn 6 calories per day, fat - 2 calories). From this, scientists have concluded that to speed up metabolism, need more muscle mass. If every day for at least half an hour to give moderate exercise, it allows you to burn up to 1,000 calories. In this case, it is best to deal not in the room, and outdoors or even better - in cool weather.

Also, scientists do not recommend skipping breakfast, especially rich in fiber (oatmeal, bran, almonds, beans) and proteins. Finally, the last important point - ordinary water. According to the research, 2 cups of water up metabolism by as much as 40%. And of course, do not forget about good sleep at least seven hours a day.