Dress Queen Elizabeth II sold at auction

 Recently on eBay dress of Queen Elizabeth II was sold designer Hanna ter Meulen for a paltry 45 pounds. The dress was sewn Hardy Amis, who wore the queen during the 1955-1990 period.

The history of this purchase is ridiculously simple: Hannah saw in a shop window Acne's Mayfair photo Elizabeth dress and remembered that recently saw exactly the same on eBay. Of course, she immediately decided to buy it, offering seller first 25 pounds, and after refusing to rise to 45 - and the dress was sold.

Seller was a collector of vintage Ayla Clissold, and the dress she found on the Queen's bazaars, paying 50 pence and immediately recognized it as something really worthwhile. Dress for a long time lay at her home, until she decided to sell it.

In November, a royal outfit will be presented in London at the Museum of Fashion and Textiles at the exhibition "By Royal Appointment".