The most highly paid stars, according to Forbes

 Once again, the American magazine Forbes has made a rating of the richest celebrities this year. The first place for the fourth year in a row US TV host Oprah Winfrey. Despite the fact that the famous Oprah no longer comes out of its income, however, was about $ 165 million over the past year.

With a small gap from second place went to Oprah Hollywood director Michael Bay. Thanks to his latest blockbuster "Transformers", last year it earned $ 160 million.

In third place - the director and producer Steven Spielberg with revenues of about $ 130 million a year. According to experts, he is the main contender for the top spot next year. Most of the earnings comes from the director shows his films for television, film studio DreamWorks and income from the sale of tickets to the amusement park Universal Studio.

Fourth place went to producer Jerry Bruckheimer, earning $ 115 million for the year, thanks to the successful rental of "Pirates of the Caribbean".

According to Forbes, the most unexpected celebrity in the top ten was the producer and rapper Dr. Dre, taking 5th place with an income of $ 110 million. Most of his earnings is the profit of his company for the production of headphones.

The list also joined George Lucas, Elton John, Simon Cowell, Donald Trump, Tom Cruise, Tyler Perry, Howard Stern, James Pattinson. All in the top 20 included 21 celebrity last place with the same income divided singer Britney Spears and golfer Tiger Vuds.V general, the richest are celebrities from the sphere of cinema and show business, and only followed by the television, sports and radio.