Robert Pattinson to star in a new film

 Back in the spring the English actor Robert Pattinson in an interview said that now he is interested only in the role of art house. This fall, he will star in the new movie "Queen of the Desert" by German director Werner Herzog and screenwriter.  

It is learned that Pattinson will play the role of an officer of the British Army of Lawrence of Arabia, and the role of the legendary writer and traveler Gertrude Margaret Bell was Naomi Watts. In the first film adaptation of the 1962 role of TE Lawrence played Peter O'Toole, which brought him fame.

In the "Queen of the Desert" Pattinson will play a minor role - the film is more about personality Gertrude. Shooting will begin this fall in the UK and Jordan.

By the way, the identity of Gertrude Bell is the interest of many directors, including the Scott brothers, that the role of Gertrude in the film adaptation of the life of the writer invited Angelina Jolie.