Ogovorochka Freud: a promotional film was released perfume Lady Gaga

 After a few rods to throw in a pair of photos and this trailer, there was a full version of a promotional film for the debut perfume Lady Gaga "Fame". Promised blood and semen replaced by more digestible liquids.

If the trailer was not quite clear what the general idea of ​​advertising, after the full video, which lasts the whole 5 plus minutes (what perfume can boast such a long promotional film?), Everything became more clear. In fact, the short film about Fame - a grim cutting some subconscious fantasies Gaga embodied her favorite director Steven Klein.

Gaga then wanders through the black mirror maze in the form of an alien monster, it sits in a bath of the lips with a necklace of poluprozharennyh eggs and some caviar, then tore off this caviar claws with the man's face, the way the Fuhrer, a German speech passes series robot-like warriors. And everywhere lots and lots of black liquid tyanuchey apparently embodies just new perfume singer. In short, Freud's grandfather was delighted to such a patient in his couch.