Attack on the house Ashton Kutcher was not!

 Ashton Kutcher did not understand the joke, which played with him. To find out who did it, while also failed.

The other day, the police received a call from a girl who, according to her, was in the house, or rather in the bathroom Ashton Kutcher. She said that the criminals broke into the house, several Russian men, shootings, there is already at least three killed.

Arriving at the place (and who arrived in a helicopter!) Police saw only workers repairing the house of the actor that nothing of the sort seen and not heard. Ashton Kutcher was called to sort out what had happened, but he could not explain anything.

The actor played a lot of stars in the popular show "set up", but to like himself was not ready. Police try to find out who made a commotion in the house of Ashton Kutcher.