Anti-aging cream does not rejuvenate

 Nanoparticles contained in the latest anti-aging creams do not work. This is the conclusion the latest research in this area. Skin simply not capable of absorption.

According cosmetic brands have flooded the shelves in all stores of beauty equipment with a rejuvenating effect, nanoparticles, which are contained in them, are programmed to address the causes and effects of natural aging and due to its small size can penetrate deeply into the skin cells. However, such statements, according to scientists, rigged. It was found that even the smallest particles are able to penetrate the skin.

Research in the field of confocal microscopy show that the nanoparticles are deposited on a wrinkled, without penetrating them. This is due to the natural functions of the skin as a barrier to potentially harmful chemicals and water, which is trying to evaporate from the body. In the experiments, the scientists used a particle whose size is less than 0, 01 the thickness of a human hair. Such particles are now used in sunscreen and "anti-aging" creams. All of them are stuck in the outer epithelium without penetrating deep inside, as advertised.