Not heavy burden: a suitcase, which he rides his master

 Traveler, shifting the suitcase with his own hands - the traveler past generation. At least, so say the Spanish designers have developed a new way to move luggage space.

Handles for holding, retractable handle, wheels - all of the dead "body" suitcase past. They also have their own evolution. The next stage of development will be the Hop! - Suitcase, which goes beyond their own master. Spanish developers have built into his body three sensors which receive signals from certain phone owner suitcases via Bluetooth.

Holding on to the owner of a certain distance, this smart suitcase able to master even turns. If the connection to the host has broken phone to notify the vibrator. It is unknown when the Hop! will be in stores and how much it will cost, but it is clear that life of a traveler it will help tremendously.