New rumors about the Versace collaboration with the world of music

 News about Lana Del Rey collaboration with the brand Versace was a duck. Should I believe the latest rumors that the collaboration with the famous Italian brand is preparing another singer? New partner Versace, is likely to become MIA

The news hit the press by accident. Lecturing at the Museum of Modern Art, MIA accidentally lit a desktop folder on your tablet, among which were the Versace Prints, Bootleg Versace and Versace Outlines. However, the singer did not make excuses and say it like it is. With Donatella Versace expressive MIA linked not only by their friendship, but also operational issues. However, while it is not known exactly what will be the product of their joint creativity.

We dare to assume that the mutual love of intricate and colorful patterns from both Donatella and by the Maya, the result will still capsule collection of something such. A rollicking nafantazirovat clip for an advertising campaign the singer will not be difficult.