How many stars are earning dead

 Another Forbes ranking is dedicated fees celebrities who are no longer alive. More precisely, the income of their heirs. The richest recognized Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor.

The actress died in 2011, but this did not stop her for the past year to earn $ 210 million. Brought so much that it has established brand perfume White Diamonds and sold at auction akrtisy things: paintings (among whom was Van Gogh), jewelry, clothing.

Second place goes to the leader of the rankings last year, Michael Jackson. Largely due to the proportion of the musician in the Sony / ATV, as well as through presentations Cirque Du Soleil, dedicated to the singer, the state of the heirs supplemented with 145 million dollars. On the third line - Elvis Presley with an income of 55 million. The world-famous circus services rendered, and the older the King of Pop - setting Viva Elvis was a great success. Charles Schulz comic draftsman with 37 million dollars, Bob Marley with 17 and John Lennon with 12 still list.
The ranking also includes names such as Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Theodore Geisel, a children's writer, actor Steve McQueen and actress Betty Page, composer Richard Rodgers. George Harrison, whose income was only $ 5 million, completed the list.