Girl in a million: Dayneko collected almost 2 million views

 Recently released clip Vicki Dayneko "Closer than tango" has already collected more than half a million views. And the secret of this unprecedented success is not in the lessons tango singer who diligently performed before the shooting.

Graduated from high school dances former member of "American Idol" Vick Dayneko allegedly shows his diploma number. I think it was such a scenario adheres to the director during filming of this video. Coming out of the elevator on the ground in the expanding lilac dress, Dayneko a little worried, as any graduate. The matter is further complicated by the presence of two partners in the dance instead of one. "Three to Tango - is it possible? "- You ask. And how! With the first chords of the song "Closer than tango," Vicki uncertainty disappears.

Passionate look, a hug, tough acrobatic steps and movements of the body, from which a pleasant glow cast any man - all with greed can be absorbed in the movie Vicky Dayneko "Closer than tango." Well, about the fact that the song would have to sing the rest of the week, having heard only once, and say nothing. The secret of their own attractiveness and confidence in herself Vic Dayneko will open between us girls only at the end of the video.

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