Obama wants to appoint Anna Wintour US Ambassador

 US already boasts action star in the governor of California, the first black president (actually gone) and perhaps the most unexpected ambassador to Great Britain or France.

At this crucial diplomatic post recently re-elected Barack Obama wants to appoint not someone, and Anna Wintour herself, editor in chief of American Vogue. At 62, this woman is not only influential in fashion circles. To listen her opinion, many businessmen and all the important people in politics. However, the legs of the case, as it turned out, growing from another. Appointment as ambassador Barack Obama has decided to thank Wintour for participating in his campaign, it is, in particular, has donated his staff of about 500 thousand dollars.

However, the US administration is no question when Wintour may proceed to their political responsibilities, and whether it needs these political responsibilities in principle. Be a representative in such difficult for US countries like France or the UK, you're advised Louboutin red sole platform instead of Prada. And indeed Anna like not going to leave out of fashion. Let'S See.