Christmas etiquette by Derek Blasberg

 What a Friday without seals! Derek Blasberg, known dandy and guardian of manners, in the company of three charming cats tells how not to behave during the holidays.

Derek Blasberg - the author of successful books Classy and Very Classy, ​​who jokingly give advice to the girls how to behave in society.

Teaming up with Juicy Couture, in the run-up to Christmas, he decided to remind the girls secular rules of etiquette to a festive party they do not lose face.

Situations that Derek drew attention of viewers, play three great-tailed actress. They learn how to dress properly, do not forget to bring a small gift, going to visit, and try to break away from the phone.
Video Holiday Eticat - another contribution to the treasury of gizmos to create a festive mood.