Mosquito nose will not undermine: new video Dita Von Teese

 New clip retro beauty Dita Von Teese on the number bessoznatelno- and consciously Freudian symbols can, if not surpass, then certainly stand on a pedestal with clips of the Lady Gaga.

Suffering from a lack of understanding in the family and even more from lack of sex heroine Dita Von Teese literally obsessed with intimacy. Her brain is composed of naked male bodies wiggling her imagination paints the scene unbearable caresses her with two strangers in masks. A midge bite perceived it as a real sexual intercourse, from which she enjoys. In short, the old Freud would have liked.

Song «Desintegration» Dita recorded with a mysterious electronic duo Monarchy, which never shows their faces. They also played the role of lovers Von Teese wearing masks.