Love does not live three years

 On the nature of love reflected throughout the existence of mankind. Recently, we have been told that the power of the senses weaken after three years. But restless scientists have found evidence that love is eternal.

Thanks to the efforts of Frederic Beigbeder, the theory that the love lives of three years, and then the feelings disappear, is widespread. The writer was quite convincing in his novel, however, only the first part of it. Open ending leaves room for doubt. Since the release of the novel has passed quite some time already to make a movie, and the phrase that serves as the title and the film and the book - "Love lives three years" - has become almost a status of an axiom.

However, not scientists. Brain research has long found a zone that is responsible for the appearance of the hormone of love, which allowed scientists to conduct an experiment that opened the mystery of love. Couples who have lived together for 20 years, were invited to participate in the study. They were shown pictures of different people and to follow the behavior of the brain. In the zone, signaling the production of the hormone of love, light comes on only when you look at the image of husband / wife. And in the case of couples who have lived together for decades, this area shone as brightly as a newly married. From which they concluded that there is no love to the grave is not fiction.