David Beckham runs through the streets in shorts

 To release the entire collection name underwear David Beckham for H & M were timed shooting a short film by Guy Ritchie. Get the funniest, and there is something to admire.

David Beckham Bodywear at H & M, a collection of concise and restrained style of men's underwear, was invented by the famous footballer has a relatively long time. However, advertising video came out just now. It athlete, of course, shows itself in the best shape: scoring goals, dolphin swims and runs incredibly fast through the streets in slippers, without losing them. But such famous people have their drawbacks. Beckham, for example, likes to straighten the finger cowards. Panties is definitely out of the new joint with H & M collection.

Director of commercials made by Guy Ritchie, said after filming this video was for him even more to it than just advertising.