Israel wants to ban the model Bar Refaeli shooting

 The most famous of living Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli, in all probability, faced serious problems. Her own state is going to stop her from participating in one of the campaigns.

Some time ago, Bar Refaeli's candidacy was approved by the shooting of advertising series, talks about innovation in the Israeli state. However, the Ministry of Defence to reject participation, citing the fact that the model in its time has not fulfilled their civic duty to Israel. In other words, it is simply not served 2 years in the army, as it should be the law of any Israeli woman. Orders of the state, however, is not allowed to serve women, married or pregnant. But the ministry stressed that married in 2007. Refaeli has managed to get a divorce, but to serve, and not thinking.

According to the defense ministry, part of this model, has not fulfilled the duty, the state may file a youth advertising the wrong example. The Ministry has already filed a petition in the Israeli Foreign Ministry to refuse Rafaeli in the shooting.