Dear Diary Victoria Beckham: 24 hours with a star

 The latest issue of Harper's Bazaar published diaries of Victoria Beckham, where she describes in detail the schedule of your day. Mother of many children, the wife of football legend and successful businesswoman - the day is filled with this woman?

6:15 A.M.

I wake up between 6:15 and 6:30. Since I have four children, as you know, I get up very early! Usually I wake myself at this time, but always looking for some alarm, just in case - suddenly is an important thing, and I sleep for the first time in 20 years. Then I go into the shower, and as the children I have to wake up at 7 am, I have half an hour left to gather. Between washing and shower, I also check email that came from America, per night. Yes, I have an iPhone in the bathroom! In the morning, I take a bath for skin products from Dr. Lancer. He is a dermatologist, who I met when we were in Los Angeles. Body cream, which I use, really simple, inexpensive moisturizer for body. He is very, very thick, and I impose it on myself in abundance. I also really like lip gloss, one of those that need to scroll, and an audible click "click"! Smell and taste nice. During the day, I use a cream Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. I would love to take a bath in the morning, but I do not have time for this. So I love the bath in the evening, but I'm not one of those who basked in it for a long time. Usually for breakfast I eat fruit. Then mint tea and completes a double espresso. I eat a little, while I feed the children breakfast. During all this, we have at the table are a variety of games and tests for grammar, hanging on the refrigerator multiplication table. We ask each other questions, but still in the form of games. Yes, at the age of 38 years, I still do my homework! With regard to physical education, I plan to start running, as soon as the New York Fashion Week, recently I have it did not, it was a lot of work with the new collections.

7:50 A.M.

We go out of the house. Boys studying in different schools. I take one or two, all classes start at the same time. David assigns to the school of the third, and so we all differ in different directions.

Dear Diary Victoria Beckham: 24 hours with a star

8:50 A.M.

I am going to work. My studio is located in Battersea. First of all discuss the case, consult with your team. I have in fact 80 people in the studio, including sewers, as well as professionals in our online business. Another important point: as soon as I come to work, check all aspects of the presentation of his fall collection in New York - samples for display, interior, interior design, music, plan / scheme of the room in which the show will be held. Plenty of work, we can say! From the minute I walk into the studio begins the cycle of affairs without stopping! But I can not in another way, I need to concentrate all their attention. We are very busy at the moment running an online e-commerce project. I even filmed herself some video for this. I think the idea of ​​selling online is very modern, innovative; we will be offered to buyers line Victoria: handbags, denim items, glasses, and of course, the dress! I created a small collection of dresses called Icons and when they are sold, everything - they will be no more! Then I plan to surprises in the form suddenly exposed to the sale of new dresses, in random order.

Dear Diary Victoria Beckham: 24 hours with a star

At work I mostly wear clothes of their own design, always with two bags of different styles, one small and the other large, such as travel bag. And there fits all - for example, my new bag Liberty accommodates my MacBook Pro, iPad, iPad mini and iPhone. I load it all to work with him in the office. Also like to read glossy magazines about fashion. I know I can still see it on the internet, but I like to keep a real magazine in their hands. Although, being a mom, time for reading I have almost none.

1:00 P.M.

Lunch. We usually working lunch with my team in the studio, and often we order sushi, something useful. I love the juice of greens, so if it is possible to order them, I will take it. But in most cases, I drink a lot of carbonated mineral water, a lot of mint tea. I eat and work at the same time. After lunch, eyeing the shooting of our online business e-commerce, if we are working on a video clip or remove new products. I love to complete as much as possible the work scheduled from 9 to 4 hours to go home on time.

4:00 P.M.

At four o'clock I leave my office and go for the kids to school. Bring them home, feed, otvozhu on any extra-curricular activities - yes, like football or regbi- and begin to do their homework. I love children's homework. It was only when I finally put them to sleep, can continue its work. Communicate, share news with the people, because it is the time wakes up America.

Dear Diary Victoria Beckham: 24 hours with a star

7:00 P.M.

We like to go out with David in the restaurant for dinner, either alone or with children. We can go anywhere - Italian, French cuisine; Children also love sushi. It's their favorite dish. Nobu restaurant is really superb. I do not drink a lot, because sometimes you have to get up at night to the little girl, but we like to go out with David for dinner, meet with relatives. We are now in London, and now we have a big family. We also have a dog, a bulldog named Coco. However, it is still in Los Angeles, but will soon return to us.

I could not live without their children and David. They always provide me such support, encourage, inspire me in that I want to do.

9:00 P.M.

Brooklyn is not sleeping until 9 or 9:30. And after that, we can spend time David together.

12:00 A.M.

I go to bed around midnight or one in the morning. I would like to sleep more, if possible. But being a mom, you know - oh, yes, it would be a good night's sleep.