Educated wife - the guarantee of health husband

 In marriage the woman usually plays the role of broker. No wonder they say that everything that made the male presidents - it is a merit of their wives. Swedish researchers found that if the wife has formed on top, the husband can not worry about health.

Smart woman not only has a positive effect on the mental side of the life of his men, but also on the physical. This is the conclusion reached by researchers in Stockholm, who questioned the order of 1, 5 million couples.

Results of the experiments showed that the level of education of the wife had a direct impact on the health of the spouse. Incidentally, it is inversely proportional to no effect - the mind of men have no effect on the physical condition of a woman with whom he was paired.

Explained this phenomenon is quite simple. Since women often make decisions about family lifestyle, this affects respectively routine, diet, occupation something useful. Well-educated woman makes this choice more correct and optimal health for the people around her.