US scientists: Vegetarians live longer than meat lovers

 Scientists from the University of California Loma Linda for 6 years watching followers Seventh-day Adventist faith which promotes vegetarianism. The conclusions are as follows: plant food lovers live longer than meat eaters by 12 percent.
The number of study suggests: more than 73 thousand people. Vegetarians who look for scientists suffered less cardiovascular disease, diabetes and renal failure than their brothers myasolyubivye. Interestingly, the number of calories in the diet in both groups was similar. Scientists also noticed that men these statistics graphically. It turns out, eating meat less detrimental impact on women.
Doctors once again demonstrated that plant foods rich in fiber, which does not contain saturated fat, has a positive effect on human health. As an additional benefit - vegetarians are more slender figure.
Another fact that was observed in the study - meat eaters are also distinguished by a great addiction to alcohol and tobacco. That is, the conscious rejection of animal food, usually comes with a healthy lifestyle.