Printornaya food: 3D-cooking apparatus

 NASA is funding the creation of 3D-printers for cooking.

The space agency has allocated Anjani Contractor, Engineer Systems & Materials Research Corporation and author of the idea, $ 125 thousand. For its implementation. It is expected that 3D-printer makes your stay more comfortable astronauts in orbit. The contractor himself to think beyond - he believes that in the future, its development will play a big role in the fight against hunger.

Apparatus cartridges will contain powdered ingredients such as fat, starch, protein. Shelf life of the cartridges is not less than 30 days. By adding water or oil 3D-printer are able to create various taste combination. The first dish that it was decided to make with the help of new technology - pizza. Due to its layer structure, ease and popularity.
Printornaya food: 3D-cooking apparatus
The prototype device was designed for printing chocolate.
There are alternative dry powders - 3D-printer Fab @ Home, for example, proposes to use as starting materials gels with various flavoring and aromatic additives.
Such a method of cooking is very similar to the one that was used by the heroes of the series "Star Trek."
Printornaya food: 3D-cooking apparatus
Such developments predict housewife joyful future in which dress will be created individually by using a similar figure of 3D-technology, and the need to prepare meals and do disappear.