New perfume: East Quartet from Tom Ford

 The fashion house Tom Ford this season to complete his collection of perfume Private Blend four new flavors: Fleur de Chine, Shanghai Lily, Plum Japonais and Rive d'Ambre. They are united by a key feature - East, which tend so perfumers lately.
Tom Ford himself considers this collection a kind of quintessence of the entire range of Private Blend and olfactory "research" Asia, with its mix of cultures. It covers the special features of the East: the graceful modesty, mastery of detail and classic eroticism.
Fleur de Chine - fragrance inspired by the way «femme fatale» 30-60 of Chinese cinema's, romantic, delicate, interesting and somewhat controversial. Aroma - the same complex and Asian-luxury. The composition is based numerous notes: tea tree, peach, peony, cypress, hyacinth, plums, sirens, jasmine, amber, bergamot, cedar, vetiver, magnolia and klemantina.
Rive d'Ambre inspired by Eastern tradition to give citrus. This sensual fragrance includes notes of bergamot, lemon, orange, diluted notes of mint, cardamom, tarragon and pears.
New perfume: East Quartet from Tom Ford
Plum Japonais is considered the most difficult of all four flavors of this series. The composition includes notes of saffron, cinnamon, Helichrysum, cypress, amber, vanilla, fir.
Aroma Schanghai Lily - a result of understanding Tom Ford on the theme of the Silk Road and the Spice Road, intersecting in Asia. He is the source of their treasures, wealth and luxury. At the heart of the composition are notes of bitter orange, black and pink pepper, clove, rose, tuberose, vetiver, cashmere, vanilla and incense.
International sales start collection Atelier d'Orient - July 2013.