Kotoluk their paws: Instagram created for cats

 Stop torturing their seals, trying to photograph them for their instagrama. No one will photograph them better than they themselves. Fortunately, now for this will be a special mobile application.

Shoot the cat's self made possible thanks to the program Snapcat. Its operating principle is simple. Applications include the display shows a red dot that your cat wants to catch. When the cat paw touches the screen, it turns out the photo. It can handle a variety of filters to add to the picture of fish and other mi-mi-mi. Rassharit kotoluk can twitter, facebook and EyeMe.

However, this application until two drawbacks: Photo succeed only if the phone's camera allows you to shoot from the side of the screen; program is available so far only for Android on Google Play. Nevertheless Snapcat already downloaded more than 10 000 people.