Seven dzholipittyat: Brad and Angie adopt a child

 It seems that the news about these guys never subside. The agenda included the adoption of the seventh child from Syria.
Angelina has not had time to recover from the surgery to remove the breast, as immediately rushed to explore the hot spot. At this time, Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie traveled to the border of Syria and Jordan in the tent city Zaatari, where they found refuge during the war, about 150 thousand people. His visit to the Hollywood actress is hoping to draw the world's attention to the situation. Angie trip so affected that, in return, they Brad decided to fill up the number of their families and to adopt a child from Syria.
Where six, seven and there - apparently, so talk Jolie-Pitt. Sons Maddox and Pax, Zahara daughter - a pair of foster children and biological - daughter Shiloh, twin son and daughter Vivienne Knox. The youngest - twins, they turned to 4 years. It's time for the next refill. Jolie and Queen of Jordan - old friends, maybe it will facilitate all procedures related to adoption.
Also recently English The Sun published the revelation of one of a pair of friends that they do not mind to have a baby soon. Even mentioned that Angelina is actively preparing for pregnancy, eating foods containing potassium. Hard to say, how to combine the desire to become pregnant with her recent intention to remove the ovaries because of the threat of cancer.
Seven dzholipittyat: Brad and Angie adopt a child
Why not give this world a couple of kids?