Karl Lagerfeld created the glasses for ugly people

 The regiment ambiguous statements fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld arrived. Unlike its predecessor, Coco Chanel, he does not believe that there are no ugly women, and knows how to fix ugly faces.

During the filming of a new collection of promotional points Lagerfeld admitted that these glasses make ugly faces harmonious and beautiful - more beautiful. All the matter in some uncomplicated at first glance, the form of frames. Well, people are self-critical, perhaps, pay attention to this new product. However, many similar remark can simply hurt. "I myself always wear glasses because they think that I sell you my soul" - adds the designer. I must say that his soul should not too expensive - just £ 125.

If you go back to the "ugly people", that John Key and Saskia de Brau, starring in the advertising campaign Lagerfeld, clearly do not fall in the eyes of the designer under the category of "ugly." Than, certainly, much adorned he made shots.