Johnny Depp in Moscow at the premiere of "The Lone Ranger"

 Immediately after the premiere in America the creators of "The Lone Ranger" brought him to Moscow. In rolling out the film on July 4, but the premiere screening will take place just at this moment.
Team, the results of joint work which enthrall millions of viewers around the world, came to present his new project - an adventure film about the Lone Ranger and Tonto his other Indians. Directed by Gore Verbinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer, artist title role Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp, who, of course, got the most attention, answered questions from journalists at a press conference.
On the train
"The Lone Ranger" in the style of a western, and a large proportion of screen time assigned scenes with trains and horses. On offer to ride on Russian railways Johnny Depp has expressed readiness to travel immediately, and Armie Hammer admitted that he always wanted to ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Also, the actor told how unusual it was to move at the same time on the train and on horseback and shared that would prefer to run along the roof of the train riding.
About nature
Most of the scenes "Lone Ranger" were filmed on location. The director explained the decision to abandon the chromakeying the fact that it was important to make the most realistic happening to nasmotrennost modern audience empathized heroes. Johnny Depp has noted how important it was for him in the film to pay tribute to Indian culture and referred to the special power places were shooting.
Actors experience in the desert seemed difficult, but interesting. Armie Hammer told the story of how one day fell into a cactus. And Jerry Bruckheimer generally perceived filming process as outdoor recreation.
About animals and fears
Johnny Depp jokingly admitted that he believes rabbits, hamsters and mice and other small animals cute and without too many questions and concerns can shove in your mouth scorpion or tarantula hold on his arm.
Armie Hammer as during work on "The Lone Ranger" has acquired a fear of heights.
About masks
On the question of whether he has not bothered to play the characters in masks (pirate, vampire, Indian), Johnny Depp said he was not going to take off the mask or in movies, not in life.
About fashion
The assumption that the heroes of "The Lone Ranger" will inspire viewers to wear Indian paraphernalia (and a bird on his head), the filmmakers accepted calmly, noting that they do not create trends, and tell stories.
On the history of
Gore Verbinski to question the motives of the painting "The Dead Man" Jarmusch film(Which sounded Dmitry Bykov) said that did not make them there on purpose, who knows what will emerge in the mind in the process of telling a story.
About Tonto
In connection with his hero Johnny Depp talked about the responsibility of the actor for the character that he creates.
"The Lone Ranger" prepared for the audience a lot of jokes and spectacular scenes. As many as 2, 5 hours of talented actors and beautiful landscapes seem hardly wasted.