Barack Obama - Pop singer

 President of America in no way inferior to the brave soldiers of the national army, with incredible courage makes a video for pop hits.
Barack Obama as the first US official to date with everything that is happening in the country. In particular, he knows by heart the most popular American songs, and does not hesitate to show it. The other day he played the famous song Daft Punk Get Lucky and put a record on YouTube.
Well, not exactly. Behind this Baracksdubs, which is mounted songs performed cuts from Obama speeches by the president. Rollers are very popular. Recorded for 14 clips, and every time the fans are invited to guess which song will be the next in the repertoire of Barack Obama.
American president towards mass culture and do not mind to have some fun. Not so long ago, he participated in the video, which confused everyone: played by Daniel Day-Lewis in the makeup of Obama, and before that without hesitation tried bangs his wife.
So, enjoy the song Daft Punk "Get Lucky" by the American president:

And compare who is still coping with cover versions of hits better: Barack Obama or the soldiers of his army: