Three beauty news autumn by Givenchy

 The fashion house Givenchy updates its main series and a line Smile'n'Repair new products for facial care.
Firstly, a new series of serum Smile'n Repair for skin elasticity. As already mentioned earlier on the main prooduktah this series, based on the new formula is to develop protein HSP 27, which at every facial movements cause a backlash and regenerates the skin. The new serum contains a complex MotionCorrect, which helps the skin to increase the resistance to various adverse factors.
Three beauty news autumn by GivenchyThree beauty news autumn by Givenchy
Secondly, in this same series will be a means for the skin around the eyes Firming Eyecare Roll-on Puffiness & Dark Circles, helps reduce puffiness and dark circles. Thanks to the new formula means the skin becomes soft, supple and instantly tightened.
And thirdly, Givenchy released micellar water Hydra-Detox Cleansing Micellar Water for gentle makeup removal. New maintains skin moisture balance thanks to white tea extract and hyaluronic acid.
Three beauty news autumn by Givenchy