Winter in Russia 2011 - waiting for surprises! Weather forecast for winter 2011

 Everyone wants to know in advance what to expect. Hence such a love for various divination, predictions and forecasts. Prepared - you can find all the blame on the head of surprises fully armed to fight back trouble and somehow insure. Although, in most cases, our interest is nothing more than just a curiosity can not be named - a lot of things that affect our attention, not much affect our future life. But we still, with enviable persistence try to look into the future. This also applies to the weather.

What will the winter 2011 in Russia? Weather forecast

Claim "weather winter 2011"With every passing day it becomes more and more popular on the Internet. In this article, a women's magazine JustLady cover the basic forecasts for the coming winter, will help to orient and prepare for the expected cold. After winter is winter, you still will, though brief, cold, snow and sleet - none of the forecaster can not be challenged.

Global warming, which is observed during the last decade around the globe, scientists believe an anomaly. Weather like, rebelled: numerous typhoons, tornadoes, tsunamis and earthquakes take place around the world, moving from the category of accidents in frequently recurring phenomenon. Against this background, it already seems exorbitant jump usual temperatures this summer and heavy snowfall last winter.What will the winter 2011, No surprises to expect from her? Forecasters in this issue give a completely contradictory evidence (which, incidentally, is not very surprising).

Winter forecast 2011 drawn up taking into account the climatic background, which was observed during the previous seasons, as well as its summer temperature regime is out of all the proposed boundaries, now no one can say with certainty what will be next season. This autumn, too, did not go quite usual for us to move in: Immediately after the sweltering summer heat start drizzling rain, and first in November suddenly decided to recall the failed Babi summer. During the first week of November in Moscow has been fixed for two days with a maximum warm for this time of the temperature. So sit forecasters confused: who knowswhat will be the winter 2011 and what surprises we can throw it.

Winter in Russia 2011 - waiting for surprises! Weather forecast for winter 2011

To be sure, forecasters opinions are divided. Some expressed anxiety: an anomalous summer must necessarily cause for an abnormal winter. This would translate into abundant precipitation and severe frosts, persistent and prolonged. According to some projections,Winter in Russia in 2011 will start with the December cold that will "delight" until the Christmas holidays. Head of Hydromet Alexander Frolov gave the followingforecast for winter 2011"Winter will be protracted, with long periods of frost."

Of course, such a prospect is not pleasant. Not only the inhabitants of our country, but also the population in many European countries and the United States were able to enjoy all the delights of winter "in Russian." And if our people (due to some surprising immunity) all natural disasters brings calm enough, then spoiled European lowering the temperature to minus 10 degrees is a tragedy. Classic rightly said at the time: that the Russian well, the Germans - death. To us have them in one winter! Sidewalks covered with snow, ice on the roads, heating work at all for obvious he only schedule - and we live by himself on his schedule, go to work and walk with children.

Winter in Russia 2011 - waiting for surprises! Weather forecast for winter 2011

Another group of forecasters is usForecast winter 2011 a little different. If the weather starts to behave unpredictably, so climatic mechanism disorders. And that could lead to the most disastrous consequences. Extensive anticyclone, has consistently hovering over the European part of Russia (he was the cause of heat in the summer and warm days in November), creates a warm front. According to weather forecasts, the same anticyclone is expected by January. It turns out the so-called "barometric trough" from which warm air is carried on a fairly long distances. Accordingly, the temperature readings are again above normal, which threatens to cloudy weather and heavy snowfalls. In addition, during the summer there was an excessive accumulation of heat in the oceans, and in the winter it will begin to give him, warming the air.

These are differentWeather forecasts for winter 2011 We give forecasters. The weather, which has always distinguished capricious character in recent years surpassed itself. Debilitating heat gives way to nowhere who took the cold, winter dripping droplets and fall with their never-ending rain could last until December. That's such an amazing latelyweather, winter 2011 also promises a lot of surprises. What to do, what to prepare? Firstly, do not forget to make shopping early - you are not going to meet the coming winter without fashionable new things! World podiums filled natural fur vests and hats with earflaps, they are perfect for the frosty and snowy winters. Second, buy a nice electric fireplace, put it in the most comfortable room in which you are going with their families in their spare time. Frosty evening, pour a cup of fragrant tea with lemon, wrapped in a cozy blanket and dream about warm summer (that's when the heat wave is remembered with gratitude and love).Winter in Russia in 2011 promises to be unpredictable? Excellent, we do love surprises. And most importantly, we have nothing more will be surprised and do not scare me.

Svetlana Krutova and women's magazine JustLady