Naomi Campbell celebrated a birthday at shrines

 Naomi Campbell annually provoking news feeds write about how she noisily celebrated her birthday this year decided to exchange rampant partying on tour of the holy places of Jerusalem. And it seems that for a reason.

On his 42th birthday the most famous dark-skinned supermodel went to Israel in company with her boyfriend, Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin. Campbell was spotted at the Wailing Wall, visited and archaeological excavations in the Old City, lit a candle in the Bethlehem Church of the Nativity. Apart from a couple of Doronin accompanied everywhere and Israeli commandos.

But in the schedule of excursions Naomi took the time to talk to local journalists. In an interview, she said that had never been to Israel, and this place was touched her deeply. It also expressed its regret at the current tense situation in the country and said that he hoped for a speedy resolution of the situation, because she supermodel - a supporter of peace and prosperity.

In the Israeli press There are also rumors that Naomi was spotted leaving the hotel in Jerusalem in a white dress, very reminiscent of the wedding. A church in which she headed in this form, is considered one of the best for bonding the knot.