I came, I saw, I conquered!

 Autumn - a good time to make a breakthrough in achieving their career goals. Full of strength and new ideas after the summer holidays, we are ready to immerse oneself in work. Projects move, sales are growing, and our schedule is often painted by the minute. In this mode the main thing that nothing distracted!

Well, the weather is clear - the window constant bad weather and the temptation to sneak into the street no. Bothersome colleagues also be asked not to bother. Small things can be delegated. But what to do if you have recently began to fail vision? But when the goal is so important to see every detail, every opportunity! The first thing that comes to mind - points! In general, it solves the problem of poor eyesight, but some stuff is still distracting. Thus, due to the peripheral rim review is substantially reduced, in cold weather when entering a warm room constantly misted glass, sometimes slide glasses on his nose, and, of course, need to periodically wipe the glasses that deliver a lot of inconvenience.
So you need a solution that not only lets you clearly see, but do not be distracted from the target.

Try contact lensesACUVUE® (Acuvue) from Johnson & Johnson. They provide excellent vision and allow you to see the world in every detail without artificial "framework" rims. Contact lensesACUVUE® will give you the freedom of movement than you were not engaged. After all, they can not slip and fall accident, break, break, or fog up. Contact lensesACUVUE® not only provide you with a clear vision and high level of comfort for the eyes, but also help protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation at any time of year, because they have a special UV filter! *

Clearly see the goal, focus on the work, not to be distracted by little things - everything is possible with contact lensesACUVUE®.

Contact lenses have already changed the lives of millions of people all over the world! Try it and you - refer to the ophthalmologist in the cabin optics to choose the right contact lenses brandsACUVUE®!

Contact lensesACUVUE® - It's easy!

Ask all the questions, learn more about contact lenses, as well as clarify your nearest salon optics you can call 8800100 March 9 (toll-free in Russia) and online www.acuvue.ru.

ACUVUEÒ is a trademark of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV
© 2010, LLC "Johnson & Johnson", which is in Russia Johnson & Johnson Vision Care. The product is certified. There are contraindications. You should consult with a specialist.

 * Contact lenses with UV-filter is not a substitute for sunglasses with UV filter, because they do not completely cover the eye and surrounding area of ​​the eye.