How to remain attractive in times of crisis?

 Unfortunately, the crisis has affected not only big business, but also ordinary residents of cities that are genuinely trying to avoid the negative consequences of the economic downturn on their lives. Especially hard for the beautiful half of humanity that even during the global crisis must necessarily take care of yourself and do not deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy popularity among males. If you, dear ladies, we have to save, then this should be as elegant and beautiful as usual in time for your wallet. The main thing - is to develop a sense of proportion and a maximum follow tips that are given by experts from the world of fashion and cosmetics.

So, most psychologists say that women are beginning to carefully monitor their appearance in any force majeure conditions that violate a measured course of events in their lives. This is especially true of financial difficulties. Instead of a little "fervor swept away the wave" in the acquisition of cosmetics and perfumes, lovely ladies on the contrary start to devour all the shelves, "the last time", anticipating the mythical fabulous price increases and the lack of adequate clothing in their favorite boutiques.

For this reason, experts recommend:

- Carefully choose the services that you want to use. In an effort to save and acquiring all the existing tools for hair care "cheap", but "a little more to have enough time, you run the risk of not very favorable outcome for themselves, which can be expressed in several forms. The first thing that may disappoint - it is the appearance of an unknown allergy cream or tonic, and the consequences of allergic dermatitis may be quite different from the redness of the skin to form pustular injuries requiring immediate intervention of Dermatologists. It is recommended to opt for products known companies, taking her only in the required amount as buying a lot of goods "in reserve" you risk devastate the family budget unforeseen expenses. Hair is best to buy a cream-paint tone on tone, neamiachnye formulations for coloring or highlighting, which are able to clarify a few shades in 15 minutes, there are also cheap sverhstoykie paint polilipidnymi formulas - these new products will give you the opportunity to significantly save not only money but also the strength to bring myself up!

- You have to give up for a while from the usual hair care? It does not matter! A number of major brands are developing several lines of equipment - VIP products, the value of which is not democratic, and an affordable products for the middle class. For example, L'Oreal may develop as an elite brand Rene Furterer, and economical Kerastase and L'Oreal Profesionel.

- Pay close attention to discount stores programs and discounts. In the current crisis, large salons and boutiques have begun to introduce a scheme of special prices for regulars and new customers.

These seemingly simple and uncomplicated tips can save a lot of money, which in the conditions of a temporary crisis will be useful to carry out a more global and important purchases, for example, for the purchase of household items and furniture, which, incidentally, can also be purchased with the help of beneficial service The main thing - do not panic and act methodically and deliberately - and then any trouble you will be perceived as a temporary phenomenon, which in no way can get you out of balance.

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