Frolic heartily

 I want to share impressions from a recent visit to the shopping center. I must say that the history of fun and instructive, the conclusions of my friends have already done work on the bugs in their families had.

So, unlike the previous few days, morning dawned serene holiday. Sweet stretching, I crawled into the kitchen in anticipation of a good breakfast, a cup of hot coffee and unhindered talking on the phone with a friend who invited me on the eve of the bath. "The Finnish sauna improves health - he coaxed me in the evening. - It is necessary to go, stretch your bones, and the guys sit down, take a break. Is it possible to deprive yourself of this pleasure?" After thinking, I agreed to that, they say, to strengthen health, in principle, it would be nice, but said that at first I need to reduce his wife and children in a shopping and entertainment center, as I promised to do it a couple of weeks ago. On that and decided to stay the morning - shopping and entertainment in the family and in the evening - a sauna.

My cheerful kids with joyful whooping began to gather on the street, and, as I understand it, they have been drawn up in advance a well-defined plan for the day. We left the house around noon, we observe that the sun was shining in full, parking space found quickly flew to the mall together and then ... and then I realized that he was, got on sale! It was something! Yes, long ago I do not, "frolicked"! I have two children - a daughter and a son, age - Militant puberty. Yes -krasavitsa wife, for which no pity, just to have enough energy and money.

Discounts and sales of goods made happy my household, bringing them a lot of happy moments, and drain on me, because instead of a pair of scheduled hours in the mall, we stayed there for almost six hours, twice had to eat, go skating on an artificial ice three times to lose each other , watch a movie, four times attributed to the storage chamber more and more purchases to meet our children's classmates with their parents, to get into a loan to buy a new coat for his wife and children and the TV ... In general, it was fun, well, that credit card with was a. When they came out into the street, the sun does not shine. Quite. Here we go. But to me this day also lucky: I bought a felt hat to a Finnish sauna took me into full gear - Health and tomorrow I will strengthen, unless, of course, pal pay for me, do not let the free, and the salary - five days. But beautiful cap - Budenovka, with a star as a child dreamed of !!!