Daftest new diet: losing weight in 6 weeks

 Venice Hey Fulton developed a new method of weight loss Daftest, which is very different from any other known programs. In his book "Six Weeks to OMG" the author argues that in just 6 weeks, you can change its shape beyond recognition and easy to lose 9 pounds.

The book Fulton describes in detail how to change your lifestyle and diet to be transformed - namely, lose weight, improve the condition of hair and nails and get rid of cellulite. One of the basic recommendations of the author - three meals a day.

Fulton believes that frequent snacks in small portions to anything good does not. Should eat 3 times a day, and breakfast need later than usual - not before 10am. Thus it is possible to speed up metabolism. As an example of Venice Hey Fulton gives the results of French researchers, who found that breakfast format "toast, fruit and yogurt" blocks fat burning.

The author also advises drinking black coffee and take a cold shower in the morning, as they speed up the metabolism and contribute to the elimination of cellulite. Harmful products, according to the author, are fruit juices, milk shakes, and even broccoli.