Virtually all mothers today are aware of the importance of natural breast-feeding and the use of this process and for the baby, and for most mothers. Doctors insist on the most healthy way of life of the mother during breastfeeding. Let's look at the most basic advice that can be given to a young mother that her milk is safe and healthy for the baby.

1. Avoid foods in your diet to which your child is or may be sensitive. For example, garlic, onions, oranges and other citrus fruits, chocolate and other high-calorie sweets and allergenic.

2. Consume vitamin complexes on prescription - Watch your specialist will gladly pick up for you the optimal composition and schedule of taking vitamins.

3. In no case do not smoke. Many of the toxic substances in tobacco smoke to penetrate the blood and can then pass into milk. Smoking is also near a child can cause respiratory diseases.

4. Do not set yourself on their own medications with any problems or questions, be sure to check with the experts who need to be made aware that at the moment you are a nursing mother.

5. Avoid alcohol - alcohol abuse can damage the baby's brain, which you feed, or slow down its overall development.

6. Limit your consumption of coffee and strong tea. The maximum allowable dose of refreshing drinks - 4-5 glasses a day. Exceeding this norm may adversely affect the baby's brain development (On the reasonable use of coffee, visit the website for parents

7. Do not use laxatives - they can have an impact on your child. It is better to increase the amount of dietary fiber, fruits and vegetables in your diet.

8. Aspirin and similar drugs are used only on doctor's advice, even if before pregnancy you used them regularly and without consequences for themselves. Keenly observe dose administration, appointed expert.

9. Limit your consumption of foods with a lot of chemical food additives, avoid saccharin, which passes into the milk - studies have shown that it may have carcinogenic properties. Be sure to check the composition of the products, which chemical components they contain, whether they are harmful to a nursing mother.

Every mother wants to raise a healthy and happy child. Every day we take a lot of routine decisions which may subsequently prove to be crucial for the well-being of ourselves and our children. Pobespokoytes about the correctness of their lifestyle, diet, the atmosphere around - and the chances of happiness and health of you and your children will increase many times.