Breakfast - it is fashionable, or why the model against diets

 We are used to seeing on the runways are very slim models and involuntarily wonder how they manage to maintain such a stunning form, what they eat. If at all they have something to eat, because, according to rumors, they feed exclusively manna yes drink liters of clean water. Of course, this is not true, especially when you consider what a busy schedule have sought centerfold. Our paper is devoted to breakfast, because it is clear that the model give the enemy dinner, during dinner walk on the catwalk, there is only breakfast ...

Proved that the long legs, amazing plastic models are not always the result of strict diets, endangering their health. In most cases, this is due to the banal genetic heritage, not the content owners plates stunning slim figure. On the contrary, the favorite Russian women encyclopedia called diet, how to lose weight most models simply unknown. Let's find out why ...

Apple Menu / champagne, which journalists insist, watching the models on the fashion week, is far from reality. This - for the press, for the outrageous. In fact, the models are not hungry and do not deny yourself the pleasure to eat breakfast. Because breakfast - it is your charge for the whole day. This is something that will keep your strength, will look beautiful - that's what you need to model.

Diuretics, Calorie burner, anorectics, table calorie foods ... Of course, in the world of fashion many use it, but most prefer something more substantial. Jessica Stam selects a banana with peanut butter, Liu Wen loves pasta with sesame Abyei Lee eats fruit juice and avocado. Breakfast Chanel Iman dense enough eggs, oatmeal, fruit, toast and yogurt. Natalia Vodianova for breakfast drink warm tea with wild rose and eats fruit.

Thus, if we do not take into account the pressure of fashion agencies (who are interested in a perfect form of models and dictate their own rules of the game) girl advocate a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and sports (as the two main components of a beautiful figure), not starvation, diet. Moreover, all models, which we see on the covers of fashion magazines are absolutely sure that without sports and fitness to achieve good results is simply impossible, and forces will not suffice, and the tone of the figures must be constantly maintained. They say it is very difficult to climb to the top of the fashion Olympus to take part in shows, be the photos of the season spring-summer fashion, and very easy to fall down. In the fashion world there is a saying "forgotten once - forgotten forever." Therefore, we must do everything possible to always look great and be in excellent physical shape.

But where to start? Once again, look at the title of the article. Breakfast - it is fashionable! Delicious and healthy morning meal should be the base of your beauty and attractiveness.