A collection of Vera Mont - Autumn / Winter 2010

 The basis of the autumn-winter collection of Vera Mont - complicated and unusual cut that emphasizes the elegance of the silhouette. Craftsmanship sensual drapery pleats flowing fabrics and precious, flatter the figure, drawing a brilliant secular way. Any woman feel like a queen celebration.

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Graceful draperies and assembly of knitwear decorated with delicate chains and pearls. Asymmetric mini-dresses and tunics elongated combined with leggings look fresh and unusual. Another TREND - air dresses from thin delicate chiffon c edgings, pleats and ruffles. Unlike the proposed style - a mixture of textures.

A collection of Vera Mont - Autumn / Winter 2010

Elegant dresses

Flared towards the bottom, highlighting the slender waist, luxury dresses in the style of "Empire" CO stepped flounces or dress line A - a new collection of VM has everything for a young fashionista. Prisborki graceful folds and freely struyaschiesya hems incredibly impressive on these delicate silky fabrics. Elastic satin with artificially untidy ends, assembly and ribbons add a little image of playfulness. A Tighting prisborennoe taffeta - vozdushnostosti.

A collection of Vera Mont - Autumn / Winter 2010

VM Evening: For evening

Fine fabrics - taffeta, organza, silk - underline the exclusivity evening collection. Complex cut and draping in the style of origami dazzling. Playing with colorful contrasts, stretch fabric ensures great comfort and convenience. B spotlight new fancy sleeves. Decorative stitches, embroidery, applique and all kinds of draperies complete a brilliant image.

A collection of Vera Mont - Autumn / Winter 2010

Vera Mont Collection

A collection of Vera Mont abounds avant-garde stylish details. Trends of the season - three-dimensional coats, skirts unusual cut "tulip" Dress in the style of "Empire" with a high waist and his short bolero jackets. Mesh knits and fine wool wrap in fashionable ease. Lightweight, stylish and comfortable - so in three words can express the idea of ​​a sensual new collection Vera Mont.

Addresses of stores in Moscow:

SEC "FESTIVAL" Salon «Betty Barclay» Olympic Village E.3. Korp.2
"Belgrade" m. Domodedovo, d. 28
TC "Aquarius" m. Domodedovo, Walnut Blvd., 15
"Dobrynensky" m. Serpukhov, st. Cow shaft, 1
TRC "European" m. Kiev, Kiev area
TRC "Yerevan Plaza" m. Tula, ul. Big Tula, 13
"Golden Babylon", m. Welcome, st. Decembrists, 12
TC "Kaluga", m. Kaluga, ul. UNION, d.61
Mega 1, m. Teply Stan, Kaluga highway, 21 km
Mega 2, m. River station, Khimki 2mkr
Youth, m. Kyiv, Mozhayskoe 31
«Nice Connection», m. Prospect Mira Str. Prospekt Mira. 49
TC "Clouds", m. Domodedovo
TC "Day", m. Shchelkovskaya Street. 9th Park, d.62
SEC "Rio", m. Academic Str. B. Cheremushkinskaya, d. 35
TRK "Pike", m. Schukinskaya Street. Schukinskaya, d. 35
SEC «XL-3", Mytischi, st. Communist, d. 1
TD "Yasenevo", m. Yasenevo, Lithuanian Blvd.