What will be the year of the snake

What will be the year of the snake
 According to the Eastern calendar, 2013 will be the year of the Snake. He will start from February 10, 2013 and will run until January 31, 2014 The snake is a reptile pet, cold, cruel, but at the same time wise. Therefore, the year will not be easy, but relatively stable and smooth.
 Year of the Snake will bring good luck to those who will not rush things and get ahead of ourselves. If you want to begin to engage in any activity in 2013, be sure to think through every step, not in a hurry. In general, this year successful for financial transactions, but to achieve an outcome that will require patience and hard work.

If you want to have a serious relationship, the year of the Black Snakes would be a good time to find a partner. This year will form a strong, reliable and durable alliances. Therefore, it is worth thinking about starting a family and having children.

Good luck for the year, and scientists (discoverers, philosophers). During this period, they will be able to move very much in their scientific work, but only if they do not rush things.

Start year is very favorable. Saturn in alliance with Pluto give fertile ground for any undertakings and discoveries. If you have previously something did not work, it's time to fix it. In January and February, try to avoid conflict situations, otherwise Snake against you and the year will fail.

In the last winter month Uranus connect with Mars. During this period, you should try to realize all their dreams. If you are a long time can not cure the disease, in February you are more likely to do it.

March 2013 will be very fruitful in the business sphere. A desire to work, create and develop. The following month, Mars connect with Pluto. This period will be difficult for people, since it is possible there will be any natural disasters, inflame hostilities.

In May, the situation has stabilized. Financial condition of the people will come back to normal, but the love affairs gone by the wayside. During this period, try to avoid conflict situations, as any good they bring.

At the beginning of the summer begins to be adjusted personal life. Marriages during this period will be strong and durable. July-August 2013 - a good time for business creation and development, there will be new ideas that will bring considerable profit.

Autumn brings new worries and concerns. You will have to make difficult decisions, to seek a way out of difficult situations. In no case do not take hasty decisions, ponder every step. November - a time of change, during this period may have riots and protests. Creative professionals in this month will be a success and financial independence. In December, try to settle all conflicts have arisen. This period is ideal for a family planning and children.

On the whole year will be the year of the Snake, the beginning of a new life. People who have passed through the trials and difficulties will only become stronger and wiser.

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